Support of Association of Leukemia and Crohn’s Disease from Čakovec

Lately, e-Kolektor Ltd. has been involved in the humanitarian project “Plastic plugs to expensive medicine”. This involvment came along with transportation, collection and temporary storage of collected plugs.
The Association’s vision is to have sponsors and/or state institutions enter every kindergarten, school and socially responsible company in order to promote environment protection activities. Help the environment – help the patients!

The aim of this project is to engourage social entrepreneurship by collecting plastic caps. The cooperative creates but does not share profits with cooperatives. However, it is investing in the further development of social entrepreneurship. The branch was founded by members of UOLL Croatia. UOLL Croatia is gathering a large number of volunteers who together with members of the Social Cooperative Halycanum members group recycle collected plastic caps to create new products. By selling these products and/or recycled raw materials, they would co-finance the purchase of expensive medicine (that is financed by the HZZO) for the treatment of serious malignant diseases.
Up to now, a significant number of schools, kindergartens, factories, companies, joint-stock companies, members of the association, etc. have been involved in the collection of plastic plugs. Thanks to all those who responded to this noble project of UOLL Croatia that will help sufferers of serious malignant diseases and contribute environmental protection!

Thanks to everyone who collects and donates plastic caps!