Stay in Croatia

The Student Center of the University of Zagreb organized the conference “Stay in Croatia”, which was held on 30 and 31 May 2017.

Also e-Kolektor Ltd. was among the numerous participants. Moreover, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, several ministries and the Croatian Agency for Small Businesses, Investment and Innovation took part in the conference as conference bearers.
Additionally, the 50 most successfull companies in Croatia were invited. Graduates who are just graduating or have just graduated were invited to get to know the labor market and potential employer in the Republic of Croatia.

The main goal and basic idea of the conference is to present students and young people the possibility to stay in Croatia after graduation. Through panels, workshops and career shows Croatia was presented as a place to continue life, lifelong education and development. In addition, Croatia was also shown as a country for career development, work and progress of the individual and society as a whole.