Recycling for Citizens

Protect The Environment And Earn Money!

In times of growing awareness of the importance of environmental protection, we offer citizens a possibility to take part in environmental protection.

Did you know that by recycling 1 ton of old paper 20 trees, 180.000 liters of water and 4.100 kW of electricity can be saved? Furthermore, 50% of cast iron is suitable for recycling.

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We take pure paper that contains not more than 10% of standard humidity and no additives (foil, plasticized additives, etc.). Before handing over to our recycling partners, old paper needs to be separated and sorted to:

  • newspaper paper,
  • leaflets, journals, catalogs
  • office white paper

Office white paper must be clean of NCR self-smoothing papers and other transfer papers, without bonding and metal cladding, without a tape recorder, cover and foil.

Purchasing Prices


Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Samobor, Zaprešić – 0.65 kn / kg
Other Cities – 0.55 kn / kg

In Osijek, by selling us pure paper with standard humidity up to 10% with no additives (foil, plasticized additives and the like), we buy the mixed waste paper for 0.30 kn / kg


We buy textiles at a price of 0.20 – 0.30 kn / kg

According to the Ordinance on Waste Management (Official Gazette 23/14, 51/14, 121/15), the amount of redemption for returned old paper or textiles may be paid only to the Giro account of the waste owner within 7 days.
Check the addresses of purchase sites, working hours and associated items of non-hazardous waste here.