eKolektor Ltd. is a company specialized in waste management. We started with operation in May 2014 and we presently have over 200 trained and educated employees, as well as all the technical means necessary for quality waste management throughout the territory of Croatia.

In accordance with its registered activity, eKolektor Ltd. holds all the necessary licences ensuring that you have delivered your waste to an authorized company. In our waste handling, we observe all the legal regulations and we keep the prescribed documentation.

► to become the leading company for waste management in the region, ► to be recognized as a reliable, high-quality, efficient and effective partner in providing the waste management services,
► to create the conditions for quality life of individuals and the society, with the emphasis on the protection and preservation of the environment in accordance with the practice of corporate social responsibility,
► to enable waste to become the raw material by improving the services, with the goal of reducing the exploitation of natural resources.

► to ensure top quality of services to our present and future customers in the process of waste collection, treatment and disposal,
► to create the added value of high-quality secondary raw materials which are returned to the production process with the goal of protecting the environment and meeting the needs of users.

eKolektor Ltd. wants to establish a partnership with all interested social groups and individuals and work together with them on effective waste management with the goal of reducing its quantity, volume and harmful characteristics permanently.

Company name: eKolektor d.o.o.
Address: HR-10000 Zagreb, Čulinečka cesta 252
PIN (OIB): 50538578553
Subject reg. no. (MBS): 080905438
Reg. no. (MB): 04205472
Bank: Kreditna banka Zagreb
IBAN: HR3324810001111004921
CEO: Ilija Špikić

We are a reliable partner in the following activities:

► waste management
► waste collection
► waste transport
► waste storage
► waste recovery
► waste disposal
► trading waste
► waste export
► waste import
► mediation in waste management
► collecting secondary raw materials (paper, foil, wood, metal, glass, plastics, etc.)
► removal and disposal of biodegradable waste
► removal and disposal of bulky waste
► cleaning separators and grease traps
► disposal of expired and written-off goods
► repurchasing of metals
► destruction of confidential documents and written-off archive material
► keeping the documentation in the field of waste handling
► rental of vehicles and equipment.

Safety, accuracy, reliability and quality of the service are integral parts of all our work processes, while, in line with our business policy, our company’s priority objective is providing the services of all kinds of waste disposal.

High quality of our services is supported by the fleet of 60 specialized vehicles, tanks and presses, i.e. everything facilitating waste management on the "turnkey" basis in order to meet the needs of numerous partners to the maximum extent possible.

Permits and Concessions

Waste management
Waste export
Mediation in waste management
Waste transport
Waste trading
ISO standards
under way

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Every activity produces hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Properly disposed waste is a useful raw material enabling recycling and reuse, which saves raw materials and energy, reduces the pollution of the environment and reduces the quantity of newly produced waste.

Why should waste be collected separately?

Sustainable development requires waste handling in accordance with the principles of environment protection, social acceptability and efficiency. The best solution would be if producing waste could be avoided completely. The waste that cannot be avoided should, as much as possible, be reused along with balanced ecological and economic conditions. For that purpose, it is particularly important to collect it separately (by types) at the place where it arises, with the two-fold purpose of:
  • separating the useful part (paper, glass, cardboard, bio-waste, plastics, etc.) with the goal of recycling, and
  • separating hazardous waste (oil, batteries, medicines, chemicals, etc.) with the goal of detoxification and recycling.
By separated collecting and recycling of waste, its disposal is avoided. That enables using of many useful components, because separately collected waste types are easily used as raw materials for obtaining new products. Thereby, the environment pollution is reduced, and energy is saved in particular. Besides, separated waste collecting and recycling realizes other economic benefits, such as, for example, the reduction of import of secondary raw materials (e.g. glass, paper and metal), employment of workers, reduction of disposal costs, etc.
Pursuant to the Act on Sustainable Waste Management (OG 94/13), a waste producer must hand over its waste to the person that has a permit for collecting, recovery and/or disposal of waste.

In the recycling procedure, it is of exceptional importance to first separate and classify waste according to the type because many waste raw materials and materials can be reused provided they have been collected separately. You wish to recycle, but don't know where to start from?
Contact us: prodaja@ekolektor.com.

Slavonska avenija 58
10000 Zagreb

tel:+385 1 4667 387
fax:+385 1 4668 170

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