Waste Services For Businesses

Waste Management

Waste management, or waste disposal, includes all activities that deal with waste – starting from its collection and ending with the final disposal. Activities that are connected with waste management are collection, transport, treatment and the final disposal. Furthermore, waste management also deals with the topics of regulation, monitoring and reduction of waste. All these activities are conducted by us to ensure high-quality, efficient and effective waste management.

Here in e-Kolektor Ltd. we concentrate our waste management strategies on non-hazardous waste types, such as paper, foil, metal, plastics, wood, biodegradable waste and more.

What can we do for you company?

By entrusting us with your waste management, all troubles and worries concerning waste will be taken off your shoulders. We create a waste management plan that fits your business and your vision of a sustainable waste management. We also organize the waste collection and transport from your facility. With our special containers, managing waste at your premises will be easy to conduct. Moreover, we take care of the documentation in the field of waste handling.

Additionally, we offer services such as cleaning separators and grease traps, destruction of confidential documents and written-off archive material.

With us as a parter in waste management, becoming an environmentaly friendly company is only a small step away!


Recycling means the processes that are needed to turn waste into new raw material. Due to this waste conversion, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the exessive use of fresh raw materials, such as cotton or wood, can be lowered and environment can be relieved.
In the recycling procedure, it is of exceptional importance to first separate and classify waste according to the type because many waste raw materials and materials can be reused provided they have been collected separately. Moreover, land filling can be reduced, as well as water and air pollution.

We collect secondary raw material determined for recycling and sort it in our facilities. Such secondary raw materials are for example paper, foil, wood, metal, glass, plastics, etc. Furthermore, we deal with disposal of expired and written-off goods.

After the sorting process, the recycled materials are sent to our recycling partners to turn the waste into valuable raw materials again.

You wish to recycle, but don’t know where to start from?

We can help you start recycling in your company to improve sustainability for your business, environment and society! Click here.

Waste Collection

Waste collection is a crucial part of waste management. In order to being able to recycle or dispose waste environmentally friendly, proper collection is necessary. We proudly own 60 vehicles, containers and presses which support the high quality waste collection. We provide your site with the needed infrastructure to collect the waste accordingly.

Waste from your company will be collected in intervalls that suit your business. We offer collection containers for all kinds of waste, for example tanks for material that can be recycled (paper, foil, wood, metal, glass, plastics, etc.) or biodegradable waste. Furthermore, we collect bulky waste.

Waste Import and Export

In order to execute recycling in the best and most sustainable way, we work with partners in surrounding countries. Therefore, we are exporting presorted secondary raw materials.

Waste Storage

In the course of waste collection, we also have the capacities to store waste until it is disposed or recycled. In case you have bulky waste or other space consuming waste, we can help you to clean your premises.